We are living in a world where a new technology is changing the landscape. Distributed Autonomous Companies are starting to disrupt existing stagnant areas of commerce by leveraging distributed trustless computing. It started with Bitcoin, but is rapidly moving to encompass many new areas of business and communications. The DAC500 Index will track this growth as more and more value is gained in the DAC ecosystem.


The DAC500 Index is a tracking index based on market capitalization of existing DACs. The requirements to be included in the index are:

  • The market capitalization of all existing coins or shares must be a minimum of $10 million USD
  • Coins or shares must be publicly available on exchanges
  • The index is limited to the top 500 DACs ranked by market capitalization
Allocation of DACs

The Index was started on February 27th, 2014 at the price of 1 BTC. Each eligible DAC was included into the index as a percentage based on the exchange rate against Bitcoin. The number of shares of each DAC in the Index will remain constant until subsequent rebalancing. Any price change in the shares of DACs that compose the Index will be reflected in the price of the Index itself.


The index will be rebalanced for the first time on April 1st, 2014 and then quarterly thereafter. During a rebalancing, any non eligible DACs will be removed from the Index and any newly eligible DACs will be added. The previous total daily value of the Index will then be used to allocate a percentage of all eligible DAC shares based on market capitalization.

As time goes by, the DAC500 Index should provide an estimation of the value of the entire DAC economy as a whole.

Current DACs

DAC Daily Price* Daily Market Cap* Index Weight Target Shares
Btc Bitcoin $0.0000 $62,646,485,394.20 80.984% 0.78
Xrp Ripple $0.3702 $14,930,531,681.10 11.725% 6250.28
Ltc Litecoin $34.32 $2,038,777,751.15 4.755% 1.68
Doge Dogecoin $0.0023 $264,353,270.63 0.448% 4121.36
Nxt Nxt $0.0360 $36,004,658.93 0.386% 62.42
Ppc Peercoin $0.7538 $18,903,361.05 0.587% 1.32
Nmc Namecoin $0.4399 $6,482,773.89 0.264% 0.52
Aur Auroracoin $0.0707 $1,206,904.86 0.437% 0.66
Msc Mastercoin $1.89 $1,038,722.26 0.286% 0.04
Pts BitShares-PTS $0.0025 $398,827.90 0.127% 0.10
*Last Update: April 06 at 10:01 PM GMT